Episode 4 – Power Play: How Feminism is Changing Hockey


Changing On The Fly is going live!

On this episode, we’ll hear a round-table discussion called “Power Play: How Women Can Change Sports Journalism and Hockey”. The event was recorded in the Feminist Media Studio of Concordia University on January 31st, 2018.

The guests are:
-Meg Hewings, General Manager of Les Canadiennes
-Robyn Flynn, sports reporter for TSN 690 and The Athletic
-Safia Ahmad, former sports reporter for The Link, and current Media Relations Manager for Les Canadiennes

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Music on this episode is by Tshizimba, DJ Spooky, and Ilegot.

-Globe and Mail: “How the Maple Leafs can get on the right side of #MeToo”

-Le Devoir: “Le genre en jeu au hockey sur glace à Pyeongchang”

Changing on the Fly is produced by Aaron Lakoff


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