Episode 5 – Toxic Masculinity, Homophobia & The Prime-Minister of Saturday Night


On this episode of Changing on the Fly, we take on the double-headed beast of toxic masculinity and homophobia in hockey. We start by looking at the greatest and oldest fountain of toxic masculinity in hockey broadcasting, Don Cherry of Coach’s Corner. But then, to look at something uplifting and inspiring, we’ll hear about one of the most widespread activist movements to combat homophobia in sports, the You Can Play project.

Our guests on today’s show are:
Dr. Kristi Allain, professor of sociology at St-Thomas University in New Brunswick

-Dr. Cheryl Macdonald, co-chair of the western Canadian board of the You Can Play Project

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Music on this episode is by Tshizimba, DJ Spooky, Kaytranada, and Ilegot.

Changing on the Fly is produced by Aaron Lakoff

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