What People Are Saying About The Podcast

“I just added Changing On The Fly to my podcast list. Decolonization, racism, sexism, AND hockey. I’m in.”

-Ryan McMahon, host of the Canadaland Thunder Bay podcast & Red Man Laughing


Changing On The Fly is a great new hockey & politics podcast. Highly recommended!”

-Dave Zirin, host of the Edge of Sports podcast, author of A People’s History of Sports in the United States


Changing on the Fly is a whip-smart podcast that sifts through the social forces swirling around the hockey rink, a perpetual political power-play full of twists and surprises. Aaron Lakoff has a knack for drilling through the drivel of 24-7 hockey banter and mining the meaningful. If you care about hockey and social justice, this podcast is absolutely for you.”

-Jules Boykoff, former professional soccer player, author of Power Games: A Political History of the Olympics


Changing on the Fly is a necessary podcast in today’s world. Not only does Lakoff delve into issues of social justice in hockey, he examines and presents key discussions on race, justice, and history from marginalized communities from important perspectives. This podcast is a MUST LISTEN for any sports fan.”

-Shireen Ahmed, co-host of the Burn It All Down podcast

“Sports are – and have always been – one of the most fertile places to think and talk about radical social change. Differences are constantly colliding in rinks, gyms and fields – demanding we think about bodies – about race, gender, sex, size, and abilities. Sports are infused with all kinds of hatefulness and prejudice, but there is no question that the incredible creativity, courage and generosity of athletes, coaches and fans everywhere gives us so much reason to hope. Changing on the Fly is a brilliant addition to a rising tide of thoughtful, radical and and fun commentators who are interrogating sporting worlds in new and exciting ways. I urge you give this one a shot. You won’t regret it.”

-Matt Hern, author of One Game at a Time: Why Sports Matter


“Machismo, whiteness, military propaganda – hockey appears to be lost territory for the progressively-minded sports fan. Luckily, Aaron Lakoff remains undeterred. In his new podcast, Changing On The Fly, he sheds a light on hockey no big media will. Tune in, and the game of hockey will never look the same. Promise!”

-Gabriel Kuhn, author of Soccer Vs. The StatePlaying As If The World Mattered

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