Episode 2 – Race and Racism in Hockey


If you look at the face of hockey, it’s about as white as the ice the game is played on. But if you start to scratch the surface, you start to notice that not only is the game much more diverse than you think, but also that people of color have a long and celebrated history in the sport. Yet still, racism and racial discrimination run rampant throughout the sport today.

On this episode of Changing on the Fly, we take on the topics of race and racism in hockey. We’ll hear about the amazing history of the Coloured Hockey Leauge in Nova Scotia in the late 1800s, how racism manifests itself on the ice, but also about how some players are standing up with a fist in the air.

Our guests on the show today are:
-Damon Kwame Mason, director of the documentary Soul on Ice
-Shireen Ahmed, sports writer and co-host of the sports and feminism podcast Burn It All Down:

Check out Shireen’s blog Tales From a Hijabi Footballer:

And Shireen’s piece for Vice Sports on the Penguins’ White House visit:

Music in this episode is by Tshizimba, DJ Spooky, Sixties, and Ilegot.

Changing on the Fly is produced by Aaron Lakoff

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